Model, Test and Manage Your API Ecosystem

Observe your APIs as a model and auto-generate data-driven tests
to keep your cloud-native apps running smoothly

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works for you, continuously

It learns your application, generates tweakable API test code and updates automatically


View Your APIs as a Model

Visualize your API inventory & user flows as a unified model, continuously mapped by SEEKRET’s lightweight listeners running in the background.


Drive test generation

Free up time but don’t ‘replay’; Auto-generate fully-editable and easily extendable test code, to test in any environment across all testing phases.


Stay up-to-date,

As your software evolves, SEEKRET’s listeners continuously observe traffic to catch breaking changes and keep your tests relevant

We’re here to help your team sweat less over testing,
and stay laser-focused on building new features

Gives You a Head Start

As testing shifts left, engineers gain the ability to:

  • Test for integration early in the dev lifecycle
  • Test services and APIs independently
  • Avoid testing and accountability headaches later on

Helps You Scale

By the time engineers test end-to-end, they can:

  • Rely on a solid foundation of stronger, earlier and continuous integration tests
  • Turn prod-driven user flows into tests
  • Drive more test types using a low-code platform

Integrate to Your Test Suite,
Your Way

Setup SEEKRET’s zero-instrumentation listeners to record traffic, integrate with your Git to manage auto-generated test code, and drive tests to your CI test runner using SEEKRET’s CLI

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We’re not here to make API testing sexy;
We’re here to make it effortless

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