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API observability and continuous testing inferred from REAL application behavior.
Our mission is to provide engineers with the best tools that make APIs easier to understand, manage, and maintain.

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Why we started Seekret

“If a tree falls in a forest”

Software development has shifted from standalone systems to ever-changing interconnected components. Engineering questions surrounding your APIs and services become all the more complex, while testing them remains the #1 cause of delay, as it sucks up engineering time and resources in the battle to stay ahead.

We are here for a reason

Seekret is here to fill the gap and provide innovative tools for understanding application behavior in that complexity.

The Seekret is out

Harnessing the complexity

We started Seekret with the understanding that the solution is in harnessing software complexity to build API models that abstract complex distributed systems through passively observing traffic.

API Governance through observability

We’ve designed Seekret to enable developers and testers to gain control of their APIs, enabling them to understand and navigate across interconnected APIs, drive continuous testing with auto generated
test-code and track changes in order to avoid regressions.

Our team

We’re ambitious engineers who’ve spent years building
(and hacking  ) API-first products from scratch

We’re growing!

Founding team

Ofir Yefet
Ofir YefetCPO & Co-Founder
Idan Gindi
Idan GindiCEO & Co-Founder
Valeri Pliskin
Valeri PliskinCTO & Co-Founder

Backed by

Advisory board

Ariel Maislos

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Zak Islam

VP / Head of Engineering @ Atlassian

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